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Bossman II

Will the Senate get a backbone to correct this? I doubt it. But if the current situation continues there will not have to be a motion to protect Mueller. Mueller is taken out of play. Trump has a direct pipeline to the investigation since Whitaker is only his mouthpiece and tunnel rat into Mueller work so he can move at this own pace. This could be to wait until the Mueller report is sent to him, rather than Congress, and stir the southern border to activate the Snookered Army.  What do you think? And Trump has said he will decide issues that arise. The Military is assigned the southern border. Due to posse comitatus, they cannot engage in law enforcement activities and yet... There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Trump's Snookered Army, making their way to the southern border. Is this Trump's strategy for getting the military involved in a firefight so that he can assume martial law or some other maneuver that hastens his power grab? However, they have strung concertina wire which…